Chiropractors & Belly Laughs

We all barely survived last week. Rosemary had her first cold, followed by an ear infection. But we had no idea that was the reason she could never, ever, not-for-a-second, be put down in her crib. We had 48 hours of hysterical crying all night long before a friend of mine mentioned it might be her ears that were bothering her.

And then it was like, 
"Oh gosh, why didn't we think of that?!"

One trip to the chiropractor and she was a bazillion times better. We spent the rest of the week putting garlic oil in her ears and she has once again returned to her normal nightly schedule of blessed SLEEP for ten hours straight. Whew.

Which brings me to a couple points. Firstly, every baby should go to the chiropractor. We love ours. We started taking Rosemary about a month ago and he completely cured her car-crying problem. (She would crycrycry EVERY time we got into the car.) Turns out there is a lot of air pressure in cars and it's pretty common for baby's ears to hurt when driving. No more car cries for Rosemary (seriously!). He also saw that her range of motion was restricted and has solved that problem as well and now Rosemary can completely turn her head both directions. (We had thought she just preferred to look a certain way.) And while talking with our chiropractor he mentioned that chiropractors can help with many common baby issues, like colic, digestive issues, acid reflux… the list goes on. So, please take your baby to the chiropractor.

Second point. You don't need to use antibiotics to cure an ear infection. Garlic oil does the trick, and the less we use antibiotics, the better.

It's been so wonderful to have Rosemary back to her normal, happy self. This weekend she gave us her first belly laugh, thanks to her silly friend Elizabeth who Rose is clearly in love with. 
Baby belly laughs now top the list of best things ever.


  1. Our baby is overwhelmingly adorably!! To the point where I get a lil dizzy!!!

    ...but you my dear always seem to shine brighter than the sun!!!

    It seems I can not think about our little girl with out first thinking of you.

  2. I learn so much from you! I just learned like 5 million things from this post...and poor peanut! Glad she's feeling better!