Hi, my name is Becki.
I happened to fall in love with a handsome man named Tim and my life has been increasingly sweeter ever since. We were married in June 2009 and we became a family of three in September 2011.

Our little girl is Rosemary, and she's our darling little flower. Kisses from her are the best thing we've found in this world. Oliver joined us in October 2014. He's the chubbiest little chappy and so very happy.

We love to travel. Hawaii is our favorite spot to land when sunshine and rest are needed, and Europe is a place to adventurously daydream about revisiting.

We own a health and nutrition store, and together we make a pretty good team. I'm the graphic designer, Timmy is the entrepreneurial genius, and we're both a little crazy about natural health. Our business got its start in June 2010.

I stay home with the babies.

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