friday favorites

I love the color pink, and I am obsessed with raspberry smoothies and hummus. Autumn speaks to my heart, and flip flops make my toes giggle. Pinklepurr is my favorite fuzzy orange kitty who is currently living with my parents (because her fur makes Timmy sneeze). I love picnics in the sunshine, (especially picnics accompanied by cute husbands and peanut butter sandwiches). I love rainy days and operas, reading and traveling. I love creating and designing. My favorite flowers are forget-me-nots, and my favorite place is home. I have absolutely amazing favorite parents, and two favorite sisters.

But my very favorite favorite is my sweet Timmy. Truly, he is my best friend. We have the most marvelous adventures together, and I get tummy tickles when I look into his amazingly blue, blue eyes. Nothing else in the world matters when he is holding my hand. We are SO happy. And want to know the very best part? The Lord is SO happy, too. He brought us together, and constantly blesses our union with big God smiles from heaven.

(isn't he just, SO darling? I love this boy.)


  1. I would have to say she is cuter!!

  2. Baby I am just enjoying looking back through this blog at all of OUR memories. How amazing is it that we Live together, that we are Married, and love each other beyond all reason!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Missy O'BrienMarch 1, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    One of my friday favorites happens to be Happily Becki friday favorite posts!
    And I feel so spoiled to look through all these "old" posts that are new to me! Hooray!