just because.

I tried and tried to come up with a clever way to introduce myself into the world of blogging. I COULD tell you that I started this blog as an outlet to my creative passions. I COULD mention that I decided blogging would be a good excuse to talk about my darling husband (my all time favorite subject), and keep in touch with beloved friends and family. Or that I fell in love with blogging when I first "met" Design Mom (www.designmom.com). I could even say that a teeny part of me hopes to eventually use my blogging to promote my freelance design business.

But really, as I type this, nobody even knows this blog exists. (Except my previously mentioned darling husband, who I will read this post to later tonight. I love you, sweetest!)

In the end, I created this blog just because. Just because I love to write and share my art. Just because there is something glamorous about having a BLOG. :) Just because I know it will make me happy.

Happily, Becki


  1. OH! I was just checking back to see if there was any interesting Becki comments. I live for those!!

  2. Prettiest Faery,
    I am delighted to see your art, watch your fingers and eyes create the enchanting worlds only you can see. Magically pouring the dreams inside you onto paper, you are an artist of the most potent sort.
    I love you as I love life, starlight and sunsets. You, prettiest sister, are among the highest glories of creation, and I will cherish you forever and always!
    your dearest,

  3. (I didn't realize you had to put in a password to post! That's why it didn't post it when I thought it did.)

  4. Wow I sit here, after reading your intro and I find my self somehow greatly inspired. You seem to be the most talented and creative artist I have ever met! Besides conquering my heart with this delighfully designed blog, what great thing will it conquer next? World hunger, World peace, full international evangelism too all 6 billion souls?!!? These are all very possible, because of the incredible gifts the Lord has givin you. I like your blog, and I love you!

  5. this is amazing! This first post is so special and a hidden treasure. I love it. It makes me happy so mission accomplished happily Becki!
    And isn't it awesome to see how God has made your freelance design business real?!?! So wonderful!