puddle jumping

I can't help it... I love rainy days. There is something about them that makes me feel refreshed and so, so happy. I almost love rainy days more than sunshiney ones. Mysterious and soft, like a kitten padding across a bed, gentle summery rains are so soothing and delightful. The sky lowers and heaven is merely inches away. Colors are vibrant and the whole world is misty and glowing with dampness.

I love it.

Timmy had never gone puddle jumping. This was remedied.


  1. Becki is teaching me of the importance of imagination and... getting wet. I am usually not a fan of getting wet, but I have to say it was a life changing experience! Running around with the love of my life jumpping in puddles, splashing each other, and pretending we were lost pilgrims needing shelter was fantastic. Also Becki is really cute when she gets all rained on!

  2. i seriously can't believe you've NEVER gone puddle-jumping, tim. seriously. i can't believe it.

  3. I can not wait till spring to go puddle again!!! We should do it often, maybe every time it rains!! Is it possible to have a picnic in the rain??!! I LOVE YOU!!

  4. Awwww yay for another thing we have in common Becki! I love rainy days too (as long as they're not too chilly!)
    And I find it hard to believe that in all the days of O'Brien childhood Timmy never puddle jumped! this is utter madness!!!
    Great use of description here!