Hawaii is two months away, but I'm already planning and packing. Partly because being organized is the only thing that makes sense when you're embarking on a long journey with a toddler. And partly because it's just really very fun.

So here is what Rosemary will be wearing on the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

I shudder to think of how unhappy a baby with a sunburned scalp would be.
A sweet and snugly fitting swim cap is the perfect answer. 

A super cute – but ladylike – swimsuit. Perfect.

Baby aviators? Not much could be cuter – or cooler.

There will be plenty of beach walking and beach running,
so very small water shoes are a very good idea.


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  1. You are such a good mommy to think of how we can best take care of our baby girl. I am so thankful for you babe! You are the ultimate beach babe!!!