The Best Apps for a Toddler.

We try to use the iPad sparingly at our house, but it is a favorite toy of Rosemary's. She loves it, of course. And when I just want a minute of stillness, I really really love it too. We have a folder of "Rosemary's Apps" and I'm always on the lookout for a good one. I tend to prefer ones with good design and some sort of educational value. And so, we have a few favorites that I thought I would pass along to any fellow iPad parents out there. 

Here they are, in no specific order.
(ONE) Squiggles, by Lazoo
This app is geared toward older children, but Rosemary LOVES it. Basically, you draw "squiggles" on different animated coloring pages. The squiggles you draw activate the animation, so it's a good lesson in cause and effect. Also, the illustrations are pretty cute.

(TWO) Interactive Alphabet, by Pi'ikea Street
This one may be my very favorite. The overall design is eye-catching and I even enjoy playing with it. Every letter of the alphabet has an interactive animation. It teaches uppercase and lowercase letters, letter sounds, and a variety of great words. I actually love all the apps by the company, Pi'ikea Street, and my love for it has NOTHING to do with the fact that it's based in Hawaii…

(THREE) Peekaboo Barn, by Night and Day Studios
This app is very simple, but very entertaining. The barn opens and closes to reveal a variety of barn animals. You then hear the animal sound and the name of the animal. Rose especially loves this one because her current obsession is learning animal noises. 

(FOUR) Peekaboo Forest, by Night and Day Studios
This app is the same concept as Peekaboo Barn, only it's set in the forest with different seasons. I actually prefer this one because the illustrations are so captivating. Both are favorites and she never seems to tire of discovering the same animals over and over again.

(FIVE) Endless Alphabet, by Callaway Digital Arts
This is a new one, but it has quickly become a favorite. There are many different alphabet cards, all with a different word on it. When you choose the card, it scrambles the letters of the word and you match them back up. After matching, you are rewarded with a short animation.

There you have it. 18-month-old approved apps. Have fun!


  1. I find my self actually taking over while Rose is playing with some of these! They really are entertaining!!
    Way to go honey!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these, Becki! I love hearing your thoughts and "reviews". :)