House Mouse.

 (some new wall art in my art studio)
My house-mouse preferences are taking over more and more of our days. I feel like I have a very short list of somewhat valid reasons as to why I feel like my hermitage is justified. But I am nearly positive that listing them would end in a yawn on your end, so let's move on to the important stuff.

I found a new brand of makeup that I love. Tarte Cosmetics. It's all natural, it doesn't have lead or formaldehyde in it, and it increases both my beauty and confidence. I bought pretty much the entire line, so I can confidently recommend almost any product on their site. I love it all. It's beautiful. You should go buy yourself some as a late Valentine's Day present.

I'm still nursing Rosemary. Nursing a 17 month old is like wrangling a crocodile and hosting a three ring circus at the same time. The other day I questioned her, "Can't you be pleasant while you're eating?" and she responded by pulling away and doing her most impressive lion "ROAR" to date. Apparently not.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I found three gray hairs on my head this morning, and they were all named Rosemary. And since she has now discovered how to climb on the dining room chairs, and from the chairs to the table, and from the table to almost-the-counter-if-i-take-a-running-jump, I am anticipating many more gray hairs to come.

Today we are leaving the house. When I told Timmy he was clearly wowed and commented "You're leaving the hobbit hole?!" Yes. There are some things you can't buy online.


  1. HAHA!! I love the Rosemary ROAR that she gave you! Hilarious!! I think you look dazling with your new makeup!! Love love love my little hobbit!!!

  2. Your family makes our family laugh out loud.
    Glad you like your make-up. Feeling pretty is so fun.
    Aisley has started trying to nurse by laying on her stomach in front of me with her head propped up on her hands. I try to discourage her but it's also so funny.

  3. This totally made me giggle. You are such a good writer!