We left the house today. It was the first time in, quite literally, weeks. Rosemary and I changed out of our pajamas and into real clothes. We went to Target and bought diapers and juice and a shower curtain. Then we stopped to visit Tim at work and he commented "Wow, you look hot! Is this the first time you straightened your hair in a while?" Yes.

It's been a sick winter for us. Rosemary caught the stomach flu at the beginning of December and she threw up for weeks. Not kidding. It was awful and she lost two pounds in one month. I had high hopes for January. But then we all caught the worst cold imaginable and much misery followed. Three weeks later, we're not quite certain if we're better or not. Coughing is still happening and also a sneaky little fever that keeps coming back.

So we've been inside. Inside where it's warm and cozy and where pajamas are encouraged. And, for the most part, the hermit in me does not care to leave. And after shivering our way through -5 degree weather this morning, we may just decide to stay here until Spring. 

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  1. hahahahaha!!! Cutey you are way to cute!! Your hot even in your pajamas and messy hair! MAYBE EVEN HOTTER!!!!