A Conversation: About Chicken

Tim: What are we having for dinner sweetie?
Me: Chicken tacos.
Tim: Oh. I've never had a chicken taco before.
Me: You had one last night. That's what you always get at Chipotle....
Tim: You make a strong case.

I've had several people ask me why I started eating chicken again, and it is a fair question that deserves an explanation. I had been vegan for ten years! So here it is, in summary.

I became vegan for health reasons – I wanted to be healthier. There are many many benefits to being vegan, and I still believe it to be a very nutritious lifestyle. But, I've never believed it to be the only healthy way of eating, and I truly believe that it's more about the quality of the foods you do eat. Such as, eating fresh, organic, locally grown, non-gmo, etc. I think that we sometimes make it too hard and want people to fit into our idea of what exactly they should be eating (gluten-free, raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc.), instead of focusing on good, solid nutrition. Let's eat vegetables, people! And say NO to McDonald's!

So, when Tim and I discuss what we want our future family to look like, the topic of food comes up often. We want our whole family to be united and to eat the same healthy meals. It just made sense for me to start eating chicken occasionally. Chicken wasn't something he was willing to give up, and I couldn't really see a reason to not start incorporating it into our family diet. Honestly, I've been enjoying it. 

And Rosie ate an egg tonight. Let's add that to the list of three things she is willing to eat and rejoice. 

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  1. Yay for chicken!! Honey, if I had to choose a "well eating super hero" you would be mine! Your constant willingness to sacrifice for the sake of your health has been a constant inspiration!!!

    Thanks for starting to eat chicken:)