Five Things on a Monday.

1. I recently started teaching Rosemary sign language, and I've been amazed at how quickly she catches on. This morning she made the sign for "food" and then the sign for "more". This is doubly fantastic, as she typically doesn't express the desire to eat "more" of anything except breastmilk. Progress? I hope so.

2. I really love my husband. He's so cool and funny. Valentine's Day may be my favorite holiday, and I know he has something planned… 

3. Rosemary has been sleeping with us a lot lately. She's getting four teeth right now, and nights have been hard. When she has woken up for the third time and it's only midnight, co-sleeping looks like a desirable option to no sleeping. And, while it's definitely not my ideal scenario for a restful nights sleep, I kind of love to feel her warm little body nuzzled close to mine. 

4. My life has been pretty boring lately. What have we been up to? Rosie and I camp out in our jammies all day, reading books and playing with baby dolls. The weather here has been less than pleasant, and the thought of leaving the house in an ice storm or a blizzard is even less pleasant. So I have been ordering things online and making the delivery people bring me things in this less than pleasant weather. Online shopping is great.

5. Rosemary pooped on the floor last night during naked time. Nobody noticed until I almost laid down in it. Then she walked in it and got it all over her feet and the floor. Potty training is off to a roaring start.


  1. hahaha!! I love this blog! Its like the dessert of my internet duties!
    And I do have a little something planned for Valentines day:)

  2. #5 HILARIOUS - though I'm sure not at the time!!!