Oliver's Story.

 I cannot remember all the details of your birth, but I do remember the feeling that
surrounded your arrival. It was so very fast, so very sweet, and the closest I have been
to heaven. It was the beginning of life and the moment I became a mother to a son.

On the night you were born, I went to bed wondering, and I awoke knowing.
You were coming fast.
So quickly I could hardly grasp what was happening. A light was turned on,
but I do not remember doing it. Our house filled with hurried bodies, but I can't
recall when they arrived. I know that I was begging you to just come, while wishing
for a break and a breath. The labor happened quickly, full of long moments that seemed
unending and continuous. "Slow down" my mind whispered as my heart screamed "Hurry up!!"

Prayers were fervently and furiously spoken, the intensity of each drawn out second was overwhelming. And God was there, sweet one. On the night you were born, His presence
was so very near and He was with me. He was with you, too, whispering one last dream
into your heart before you entered this world.

And, in less than two hours, there you were. A boy child, all small
and chubby and quietly staring. You felt at home on my chest as I stared back
at my son. I already knew you by heart. There is no greater moment. I could relive
it unendingly in my mind, and each detail is purely precious. Your lake blue eyes
reflected a similar feeling I shared with your sister, and my heart will never forget.

Your father named you Oliver Steven. Because we had a promise from
God that you would be peaceful. And because your Grandpa Steve is one of the
greatest men to ever live and there is no one we would rather you be like.

On the night you were born my world shifted and my heart grew even bigger.
I had known you were coming, but I never realized what I was missing
until I could not imagine my world without you in it.

Dear little Oliver, you are a promise and a prayer that was answered.
On the night you were born, our family became one step closer to complete.
 Note: It's been quite a while since I posted last, and it will probably be a while before I do again.
This is like a journal of my life, and I wanted to record it here before I forgot.

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