Round Two: Seventeen Weeks

"One of these days, I'm going to wake up feeling great." I keep telling myself that. One of these days, it will happen.
how far along // 17 weeks!

maternity clothes // a little. maternity leggings have got to be the most comfy article of clothing ever invented.

movement // nothing too noticeable yet.

sleep // when Rosemary sleeps, I sleep. soundly, solidly, without waking up at all.
what I miss // enjoying food.

cravings // nothing. I feel too sick to think about food that way.
symptoms // morning sickness (still!), migraines (not fun!)  

favorite moment this week // timmy and I, for the first time ever, agreed on a boy name. 

So far, this pregnancy has left me reeling. Throwing up, gagging, dragging. I'm hoping that a happy stomach will arrive with some warm springtime weather.

Aaand, just for fun, here's me at 17 weeks with Rosemary.


  1. Ahhh, you're so cute! I hope I'm that cute when I'm pregnant. Hope you feel better soon, though! When Dedra was pregnant with baby #2, she had a lot of nausea too, and it didn't look like it was any fun at all.

  2. I just wanted to stop by to thank you for the very thoughtful comment you left on my post about my mom / fears. I can't begin to tell you how encouraging it is to have godly friends in this "blog world"!! Your words and prayers mean so much to me!!!

    PS. You look so lovely!! I hope you start feeling better soon! And I can't wait to find out your little boy's name!!! :)