Our small sweetie is five inches long this week,
about the size of an Anaheim pepper. 

When Dad saw me this weekend he poked my stomach and commented,
“I think Felix is starting to show! Either that or you’ve been eating too many twinkies…”

Dad calls the baby Felix. I have not been eating twinkies.  
I hope that means I really am starting to show just a teeny bit.

The big debate is on as to whether the baby is a girl or a boy. I have a strong suspicion, and so does Tim, but our strong suspicions do not agree with each other. So it is a mystery, and will remain a mystery until we meet her/him in September. 

Right now, I’m relishing the fact that the Lord is the only one who truly knows who this little baby will become. It is a sweet sensation to think that as I go throughout my days, God is forming the tiny body of our little one, speaking beautiful words into her spirit and delighting in a life He already knows by heart. Our child will be born knowing the voice of her creator, and it’s our job to ensure that she continues to hear and know Him as she grows. 

God is so, so good. 
Growing a life inside is nothing short of a miracle. 
I pray that my miracle may rest sweetly at seventeen weeks,
surrounded by our love and the presence of Him
who loves her even more than we do. 


  1. Praise the Lord! I praise Him with all that is within me. What great love is this that the Lord would give us a baby to cherish for all of our days. To Gods goodness there is no end!

    and your the beautiful one I get to journey with sweetheart!!

  2. Super cute outfit and sweet, sweet post!