Timmy took me out for an extra special date night last night. We went to The Roman Candle for a vegan pizza treat of the healthier kind (no more stomach aches from Pizza Hut!). For dessert, we wandered around Whole Foods and found an array of vegan deliciousness. This is the one and only photo we have of me and my dessert choice, a Vegan Chocolate Mousse cake. Tim snapped it on his cell phone as I clutched my delicacy with pure delight, and shortly after this photo was taken, the cake magically disappeared. (Of course, I did split it with Timmy.)
Being pregnant is a really good excuse
to eat chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
just because.


  1. My sweetest girl!! It was so exciting to see your excitement for this food. It has been so long since you had been excited about ANY food.

    I like taking you on special dates!!

  2. I vaguely remember telling you about the vegan chocolate pudding at Whole Foods (I think). So good - rich, chocolaty, incredibly decadent!!