Becki’s Rules for Naming Children:
1. It has to flow nicely with O’Brien. Any names ending in “o” are out.
For example: Theo O’Brien (try saying that three times fast)

2. It has to be a name that looks pretty when written in both
cursive and print. Any names beginning with an “E” are out,
because cursive e’s are my least favorite letter.

For example: Evangeline O’Brien
3. It can’t be too popular. Names in the top 50 or so are generally a no-go.
I love a lot of the popular names, but I prefer for my baby to have a unique one.

For example: Charlotte O’Brien
4. But, the name can’t be TOO unique.
For example: Hezekiah O’Brien
5. It has to be a name that is both easily spelled and pronounced.
I don’t want my child to have to explain how to spell/pronounce their
name every time they introduce themselves.

For example: Isla O’Brien (pronounced eye-la)
6. It has to have a good meaning. Sometimes it is a little shocking
to find out what certain names mean.

For example: Tristan O’Brien (Tristan means sorrowful)

Timmy’s Rules for Naming Children:

1. It has to be a name with a “God” meaning.
For example: Jeremy O’Brien (the Lord exalts)
2. A Biblical name is ideal, but not necessary.
For example: Gideon O’Brien

We thought we had our names picked out already.
But we found another girl name we both love
and the boy name has been reopened for debate. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions
that meet our (my) picky criteria.


  1. picky criteria is good! (: there's a list of probably 50 names saved on my computer (ya know, just in case we need them again), but none of them were *just* right. example: i LOVE the name marlow, but "marlow zastrow" certainly doesn't work. plus i'm particular about initials. no repeats. which means no z, b, l, o, e, or p (which means our boy name of "pippin" from last time around is out if we ever have another).

    so excited to hear your name(s) and meet (and photograph!) your little one!!!!!

  2. I lean toward Steve

  3. Loved reading your criteria - what a fun post! And photo! I can't wait to hear what you will decide on and learn what you are having in September. :)

  4. At first I did not read the part about Tim's request of a Biblical name being "ideal, but not necessary." And I thought there must only be three names in all of namedom that met your combination of criteria. That small "ideal, but not necessary" makes things much easier!

    P.S. What a great topic. I might have to write a post on this as well!

  5. Talking about baby names with you has been one of my favorite parts of your pregnancy so far! Its just such a huge thing. Who else would I adore accomplishing huge tasks with than you?!

    I like your lists of criteria!