Baby is 3.5 inches long this week, 
about the size of a small orange.

At our first midwife appointment last Friday, we got to hear her heartbeat for the very first time. The small “whoosha, whoosha” of her tiny heartbeat was for sure the most magical point of this pregnancy so far. That sound created such a connection, and the idea of our baby became so very evident and real.
This past weekend was spent at home with Mom and Dad. It was a snuggley sort of time, and I like to think that our baby can already recognize that soft, safe sense of being there. I know that she will be born with a familiar feeling toward the loud, deep voice of Dad and the sweet, gentle voice of Mom. I wonder how much she is able to take in at this point, and it may be that her small consciousness is simply washed with my emotions and the aura of the world around her. If nothing else, baby certainly notes my feelings of contentment and happiness while I’m nestled there, and I know our parents’ house will someday be one of her favorite places to be. (Just like it is ours.)
Timmy has been sick with a cold, and I somehow have managed to avoid it so far. My leggings are starting to feel just a little tighter, and more and more people have begun to notice my very small bump. I guess 14 weeks is considered the “official” start of the second trimester (I was feeling optimistic when I said 12 weeks was), so here’s to a happy, healthy beginning of trimester two! I’m pretty excited to watch the morning sickness begin to fade and my belly begin to grow.


  1. Becki, you are glowing and beautiful! Love, love these photos!

  2. Well said my honey bunny!!

    I am having the greatest time on our "having a baby" journey together! I am just really enjoying each stage.
    One favorite moment I am looking forward to is when our baby is sleeping in OUR arms and we are gazing into each others eyes with an overflowing love!!!