born on a Wednesday

 My middle name is Beatrice

And the fact that Beatrice means "bringer of joy" was the only thing that could console me when I found out that Rebecca means "tied, bound, or hung".

The lady who told me this was also named Rebecca, and she pretended to hang herself as she visually explained exactly what my name meant. I was truly traumatized. Especially when she next turned to my sweet little sister and, with a smile, told Kathryn that her name meant "pure".

A short time later, my older sister (whose pretty name meant "God's promise") informed me that I was  born on a Wednesday. After she read me this Mother Goose poem. She, of course, was born on a Monday.

On a Monday in March. Little sister was born on a Tuesday in October. And I was born in November, right on top of Thanksgiving. It was an emotional day when I realized that their birthstones were dazzling aquamarine and sparkling pink. And mine? A hideous gold/brown/tan stone that calls itself Yellow Topaz. On top of everything else, it seemed rather unfair. Especially with a grandmother who had a habit of giving birthstone jewelry...

But I had Beatrice. And somehow that made things better. Because my sisters may have had me beat in the first name meaning department. They had better birth days and better birth months. But, out of us three girlies, I had the best middle name.

And, to me, it is the most glamorous, beautiful name. I love that it is perfectly unique and timeless. I love that I was named after a dear friend of the family. And I love to picture my parents softly speaking it over me on the day I was born.

This "bound" Rebecca, born on a Wednesday in November, wouldn't be quite the same without Beatrice in the middle.

Today is "Middle Name Pride Day". What's your middle name? Are you proud of it?


  1. I enjoy "Anne" as my middle name. :)

    Oh and I am checking out a few vegan cookbooks at the library to get some ideas.

  2. Missy O'BrienMarch 11, 2010 at 1:24 AM

    Becki!!! What a great post :)
    I love it because it is fun and creative just like you!
    My middle name is Jane which is Hebrew for God is Gracious. And while some may say "plain jane" I happen to really love my middle name! Yay for middle name pride day <3 xoxo I love you!
    <3 Missy

  3. Missy O&#39;BrienMarch 11, 2010 at 1:25 AM

    P.S. I love that you and Timmy have the same middle initial! How fun is that?!
    Can't wait for a hint about your surprise!

  4. I was blissfully unaware of the meaning of Rebecca when I named you. I chose it because every Rebecca I ever knew was sweet and shy and gentle...and I knew the minute I held you that you would be too! And your middle name......Betty Curtis was a terrific role model for your mother and a strong, resourceful, and happy lady....and a surrogate grandma to you girls. And besides....it allowed for a lovely nickname.....Sweet Bea!

  5. hahaha!! My poor poor honey bunny! What a traumatic list of hardships for my lovey! You are way to adorable.
    My name is pretty great! Timothy means "Honoring God" Bray means to "cry out loudly"(haha, makes sense)and OBrien means "exalted one"!!
    I love my name!!!!

  6. Okay, so I know this is my third comment on the same post but I can't help myself! Firstly, I didn't realize it was a link to the mother goose poem so I figured that out today :) I was born on a Friday, as was Kyra. Timmy, Kalindi, and Daddy on Thursdays. Kyle on a Tuesday. BUT, Mommy was born on a WEDNESDAY! So obviously strong, amazing, and wonderful people must be born on Wednesdays just like any other day! No sorrow and woe for you! :)
    <3 Love Honey Bee God is Gracious Exalted One
    a.k.a Melissa Jane O'Brien

  7. my middle name is lynn.

    i share it with 3,487,568,234 other girls.

    while it's not unique, i still like it.

    it means waterfall. :)

  8. Oh Sweet Bea, Rebecca is a beautiful name. I thought it had other meanings than what you have here. Besides the idea of it was inspired by a beautiful and sweet girl that I worked with at UWM when Dad and I were first married. I worked for a women that was unhappy and mean. She delighted in making others miserable. Rebecca was my ray of sunshine in that gloomy place. We had so much fun together! She was the one that inspired my collection of vegetarian cookbooks...The Vegetarian Epicure, The Moosewood Cookbook. I hope she has gone on to become vegan too!

    I have never forgotten her sweet and gentle spirit and her beautiful laugh. I don't know where she ended up but I have a much more beautiful Rebecca (aka Becki) who does have the most beautiful middle name.