Me: I want a pet duck.
(Do a google search on "little yellow baby duck".
You'll want one too.)
Timmy: Umm... can you even have a pet duck?
Where do they go to the bathroom? 
I really think our subdivision has a 'no duck policy'.


  1. ducks are only cute when they are ducklings...as you should well know! They are smelly and loud and not very bright...and certainly not capable of showing any affection.
    And they're not much good to eat either!

  2. sweetest cutest!! You are way to cute. I love how over the last few weeks you just look at me and say "I want a baby duck". You are just way to darling! Lord willing once we have our dream home we can have a little outside area for some baby ducks. But until than that subdivision policy can't be shaken. hahaa!

  3. awwww! look at those feet....and tim's response is too funny.

  4. I used to have two. They're smelly, and they get big and aren't as cute anymore. :( You have a wise subdivision.

  5. Missy O'BrienMarch 26, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Baby ducks are so cute!!! I like the dialogue in this post :) I can imagine you two interacting this perfectly heeheehee. Boo for no baby duck policies, even if they are stinky :)

    P.S. Interesting lesser known fact: Me and Mommy call eachother Mommy Duck and Baby Duck! Quack Quack!