happilyBecki Giveaway!

With the launch of happilyBecki, I'm hosting my very first blog giveaway.

The winner will get to pick their prize - any two items from my Etsy shop!

Any two items! 

To enter, go check out my Etsy shop! Then, come back and leave a comment under this post, saying which two items you would choose if you win! The two you pick are the two I'll send to you.

Anyone can enter! But, you can only enter once.

 I'll pick a random winner on Friday, March 19th. 

(Be sure to check back, because I'll be posting the winner on my blog. If the winner doesn't contact me within 24 hours, I'll choose another winner.)


  1. The Jumbled Birthday Calendar (as I'm so awful about sending out birthday and anniversary cards on time, although I really want to!) and the Oh, Paris cards (maybe so I can send them to people since I'll actually remember to? But probably cuz the photography is so beautiful. And I do like photography.)

  2. the daisy pins and owl notecards are my favs! :)


  3. Hey Beautiful...Cute stuff.


  4. Missy O'BrienMarch 14, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    This post is "OOOO LA LA FUN!"
    First let me just say how fantastic I think this whole giveaway idea is!
    I absolutely adore the Parisian style notecards Becki Bea! Well done :)
    My favorites would have to be the "Owls Talk" notecards and the "Natural Silhouettes" notecards. YAY! Love you! xoxo

  5. I'm a friend of Laura's, and have to admit I've been checking out your blog for a few months now, and am super excited for both of you on your new (now super official) ventures!

    My favorites are the Only You Notecards (I love green, and the saying reminds me of Mr. Rogers, who is wonderful) and either the Oh Paris Notecards, or the Socks Note Cards.

    Congrats on the launch! -Nadine

  6. WOW WHAT A SITE!!!!!!! I am literally a little shaky right now because of the excitement of this site! Its so cooool! Your pictures are all striking, the prices are very competitive, and the products speak for themselves(glorious). I love you more than I ever have, ever, ever, ever have!!

    If I win I want the one taking the pictures!!
    Actually I will have the "get jumbled cards" and the "Get jumbled magnets"!!! I like that line so much!!

  7. O my Goodnesss so amazing I love the owl push pins and the talking owl cards,, This is so so cool who knew someone so beautiful could be so talented

  8. hey there sweet girl! I'm one of Kyra's new roomies, but i'm from WI so i'm awesome too. Happened to be passing her in the living room this wonderful morning when my eye was captivated by your website....ADORABLE! Where Kyra immediately ran to our room and pulled out the things from your wedding, wow. You're so talented! Way jealous of all the sweet things you've gifted her, the Love Ring is probably the most creative and thoughtful gift i've ever seen. I'm excited I get to stalk your blog!

  9. Your work is wonderful! It is so happy and fun!

    Hummm... If I won, I'd want the Natural Silhouettes Desk Calendar and an Owls Talk Notebook (specifically the one that says "Little Thoughts" - its so sweet!)

    Great work! I just love it!

  10. My two favourites are the Mod Flower thank you cards and the sock note cards. I love the simple sentiment of a thank you note, especially when it is for something so simple. Like I bought two cards for my "older sisters" because they've helped me so much lately. And the you knock my socks off is brilliant and it fits my personality.

    Very lovely; it was hard to pick just two. :)

  11. Im gonna go with the owl talk cards and the thank you cards. I'm so proud of my Sweet Bea! Very cool website...and mom sez you have taken your first order already!!! Make lots of money so you can support me in my old age!
    yer dad

  12. The giveaway is a great opportunity for people to see your work for free, I have seen Becki's work first hand and know what quality and care its made with. Great site...Ms. T O Mom

  13. I really like the Owl's Talk Calendar and the Natural Silhouettes Magnets. It was hard to pick two favorites since everything is so cute.

    and I just have to say, I've also looked at your blog and ADORED the "JOY" Christmas card. Very creative. Keep it up!

  14. I'm a friend of Megan's and noticed your blog recently. I think your designs are so fresh and creative! If I could pick two, I like the Natural Silhouette Desk Calendar and Peacock notecards.

  15. Bestest Becki!
    How very adorable are ALL your amazing creations...but the Paris notecards you must have known would be at the tippy top of my list. Is there anything to do with Paris that you and I DON'T love? *smile* I can't wait until you and Timmy and Caleb and I go to Paris all sparkley and together...the most perfect two couples. *laugh*
    And the "Owls Talk" push pins. Because they happen to make me very happy when I see them.
    Love you, big sister!

  16. It has taken me several days to just pick two! I think I have it narrowed down! Natural Silhouettes Birthday Calendar because I loved the colors and um I might need a little organization in that area. Also the notecards in that line!! Oh I'm so excited for you!

  17. If I win the give away, I would choose:
    -Peacock notecards (because I have a new found bird silhouette fetish)
    -Natural silhouette notecards

    But I love all of your stuff!


  18. What a great idea! I would choose Jumbled Magnets and Jumbled notebooks. :-)

  19. I love you little sister and am so excited that you have gotten this up and running. All your products are beautiful! It was fun helping you pick which pictures you would use. I think I would like the Parisian note cards and the daisy push pins. However, you could give me anything and I would happily accept it. Pretty sure I will be coming to the launch party in a few weeks. Love like warm spring days!

  20. HI
    So fun and you are so creative........
    I just couldn't chose. If I'm a winner surprise me as everything is so lovely!

  21. Oh I hope I'm not too late!! I love your designs Becki, so fun and creative! Can't wait to meet you in person at the launch party! :) My two items that I would pick (it was hard because they're all so darn cute) are: the daisyDaisy Yellow note cards, and the Natural Silhouettes note cards.