always have.

 Today he brought me flowers at work. Just because.

I looked up from my piles of paperwork to see the face I love best. And least expected to see.

My darling husband. A surprise, his smile said, because I love you endlessly.

And as he handed me a bouquet full of my flower favorites. I realized something.

Because you're my bird of paradise, he whispered. Kissed me on the lips and watched my eyes sparkle.

I just realized this one thing: I have always loved him.

From my first imagining of the man I would marry. Every sweet thought I'd ever dreamed about the one who would someday buy me 'just because' bouquets. The elusive 'he' who would cherish me deeply and make me the happiest girl. 

He fulfills every wish waiting in my heart, every hope I had for true love.

I have always loved him. It just took me 21 years to know his name.

I love you Tim O'Brien.

Always will.


  1. smiles.

    and the flower on the lightbox look amazing.

  2. Missy O'BrienMarch 3, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    Did you take this photo for me? bECAUSE bird of paradise and orchids are my two favorite flowers! YAY! :) Hands down favorite post now because of those flowers and the pretty girl who made it! :D

  3. Missy O'BrienMarch 3, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    P.S. These are the exact same sentiments I have been thinking of. Sometimes when I listen to a song, watch a sweet movie, or daydream about my future prince charming I realize "Hey, I think I'm in love!" The only thing is I don't know who it is I am in love with...yet :)

  4. sigh. this is terribly romantic.

    and that is one terribly perfect photo of flowers. i've never used that combo of adjectives and i'm not sure it works, but you know what i mean...it's a good thing!

  5. Missy O'BrienMarch 4, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    This picture is now my desktop background and it makes me incessantly happy! Just like you! :) thank you for sharing your talent with the world Becki, you brightened my day and I was needing it. Now I can thing of Hawaii, my favorite flowers, and my darling family each time I look at the screen! YAY! <3

  6. I really like Tim's sunglasses.

    And this is a very sweet post. :)

  7. Twas very nice to see the two of you last night!

  8. Baby I love you so infinitely, so eternally, and so fully. It could not be contained in all the oceans of all the worlds! The light in your eyes out shines the stars of a million galaxies! My heart is yours. I will give you all that i have one hundred times over before my last breath. And that only begins an eternity of knowing you and being known by you!! I am so in love with you!! I love the post.