Welcome, March. I have big plans for you. My calendar is already full of dates and deadlines. I'm so very glad that you have 31 days.

February only had 28. That is why I had to cross "Happily, Becki Launch Date" off March 1 and move it to March 13.

March 13 already had "15 Months 'Engaged' " written on it (we like having reasons to celebrate), so I had to squeeze the letters to fit it in.

But I wrote it with a bright teal marker. Now March 13 is a very important date, times two.


  1. Missy O'BrienMarch 1, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    Hooray for March! It is a month filled with great things! :) I miss your beautifully decorated calendar so much! It was always fun to see all you had going on. It is vibrant and full of life, just like you and Timmy! And you two make every day a celebration and I love that. I will be praying for you both and "happily Becki" as well. I also enjoy that your 9 months is on the first day of Spring! How magical! xoxo :)

  2. I too am happy it's March! Yay Spring :)

  3. gaah!! excited! i need those 31 days, too. and i love the teal for the launch date. (:

  4. Baby I love the delicacy of of your words. I love the life giving joy that pours through your blog. I love how you give your heart to your work everytime you do a piece of work. In Jesus's parable of "the talents", I feel like your a five talent girl!!
    You and ALL you are leaves me breathless forever!!

  5. it's going to be a good month! :)

    btw, i am in awe of your calendar. you are so organized!