Little sister is living upstairs, in an orange room almost as bright as her smile. Her name is Rynn, but Timmy calls her Rynn-diddly-in-in-innnn. I just call her Princess.

I've lived with her before. For 18 years. So I already know that she can be delightfully grumpy in the mornings, she tends to run a little bit behind, she laughs almost always, she makes me smile in the happiest way, she likes to eat meals late at night, and she loves to live her life as if she were the star of a beautiful fairy tale. When she moved in, it was kind of like finding a favorite pair of shoes you have not worn in years - soft, comfortable, and familiar. They still fit. It fits to have her living upstairs, just like it always has and always will.

She walks around the house humming. She hums more than she ever used to, and this is because of Caleb.

Caleb is little sister's husband to be, and I love to see how happy he makes my Princess. He is as perfect for Rynn as Timmy is for me. He very well might be the number two most amazing boy in the whole world (Tim and Daddy tie for first). Timmy really likes Caleb. They're kind of becoming best buds.

Caleb is a worship leader and he writes lovely song lyrics and beautiful poetry. Rynn is my favorite little singer, and her and Caleb's voices blend perfectly. They recorded a song together. You should listen to it here.


  1. *brilliant smile* This is my favorite post. Not just because it is about me....but because I feel just the same way about YOU. You, my dearest sister, make me hum too, you know. Your chirpy little giggles make me smile, and watching you and Tim kiss, skip, and tease each other is a never ending source of amusement. (Of course, it only makes me miss MY boy more, but even that is lovely.)
    I love having a sister and big brother to be best friends with. So does Caleb. :) He said so.

  2. It makes a dad smile to see how well his daughters get along!

  3. This is a really cute post babylove. I just adore how you write. And that picture SO represents Rynn-diddly-in-in-innnn!!
    To bad Missy's not still upstairs to. The four of us would of had an absolute ball together!! I like having my little sisters live with us. I feel like its just a little bit longer that we can "watch over them", pray for them, and love them!!
    Thanks honey for having such an amazing heart to share and give from what God gave us!! You have taught me so much in that area.

  4. Oh and amazing Rynn made me brownies last night! Talk about a sweeet deal.
    Rynn you are a blessing from God and a blessing to have in our home!!

  5. sisters are the best, aren't they? love the shoe comparison - this post gives a window to what your life and relationships are like. and i enjoy reading about it!

  6. oh! off to listen to that song now...

  7. I changed my blog to private, but I'd like to invite you to read it. Soooo, what's your e-mail address? You can send your address to daftspike@gmail.com. :-)

  8. Missy O'BrienMarch 26, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    Yay for hospitable land lords such as you and Timmy! I miss our splendid home on Twin Flower :) Rynn is so special and so is Caleb! I love their duet!!! I listen to it multiple times a day hahaha.
    Very fun picture and post Becki Bea!