and that is what happens...

This morning I stabbed myself with a safety pin. Under my fingernail. Ouch. Because I suddenly realized after I got to work that my shirt was missing a very important button - which required pinning. And that is what happens when you set your alarm for 5:30 and get up at 6:37. Getting dressed in a hurry leads to stabbed fingers.

Timmy met me at work for my lunch hour and took me on a romantic picnic. In the car. Yay. Because I was feeling sad and work this morning made me cry. And that is what happens when weekends are SO busy and Monday mornings come too soon. Overwhelmed emotions lead to beautiful picnic lunches. 

I've been working on lots of terrific things. Like my Etsy store and freelance designs. But I can't tell you the rest. Because it's an oh so exciting secret. And that is what happens when you have a friend who is brimming with creative ideas. 

Collaborative projects lead to exciting news... 
 (dreaming of Paris is what happens when schedules get busy)


  1. "And that is what happens when weekends are SO busy and Monday mornings come too soon."

    i feel the same way. it's almost like a creative high hangover. or something like that.

  2. your blog is one of my very favorite destinations in the online world. i enjoy your writing so so much!

    by the way, i wake up late every single morning. i need help.

  3. ooooo an oh so exciting secret hay!!! Well that sounds fun!! I really love secret surprises so much. Its because you get to anticipate and think of all the amazing surprises Becki OBrien could come up with!!
    Your poor finger I think you should take a week off of work and lets go back to Paris!!! What do you say??