Give me a moment to be. Just be. In this one moment. And let me believe it will last forever. The world is spinning and we are too, but for this fleeting second we are. We are like the butterflies of summer - existing in our days of sunshine for such brief hours. And then, like a wisp of cloud. Gone.

If our moments on earth are numbered, please lets pass our dwindling moments together. In moments like these. Your hand is mine to cling to. In moments like these.

When there is nothing but you and me. The sadness of death is far away and the reality of life becomes a dream. All I see are the stars within your eyes as you kiss my tears and draw me close. In moments like these, we are flying. Nothing else matters but the closeness of your heart and mine.

I am pulling this feeling deep within my soul. You are my butterfly. This sunshine is ours. Please lets pass our numbered moments together. In moments like these.

Note: My Grandma passed away this morning. In between Easter and funeral happenings, I may not have too much time for blogging. Photo by Laura Zastrow.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma Becki. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. This poem is BEAUTIFUL my honey! It makes me want to cry. This life that God has GIVEN us is more precious than we know. I love walking with you closer and closer to the understanding of what life is really all about... the greatest command love God and love people. I love you my sweetest sweety pie!

  3. i'm sorry, becki. hugs!! and i agree with tim, the poem is beautiful.

  4. This poem is truly a work of art Becki. Your eloquence never ceases to astound me. Your ability to so accurately articulate emotions is astonishing. I love you so much. My heart aches for you my beloved and of course the rest of the darling Davisons. God bless you as you mourn this loss, but also as you rejoice in the anticipated reunion we all will share one day. I love you my little chick pea. xoxo I am sending you hundreds of kisses, hugs, and lovey dovey thoughts.