telling secrets.

Jamie is telling secrets, so I'm spilling some of mine too...
I am a perfectionist. (That's why I married Timmy.)
Sometimes I get so focused on taking pictures and capturing special moments,
I miss really seeing and experiencing life without my camera.
 Every night I promise Timmy I'll get up at 5:45,
and every morning I make him get up, walk across the room, and hit snooze three times.
 I have never not once drunk any form of alcohol, and I never plan to.
I love water.
I think my engagement ring is the prettiest.
Sometimes I dream about eating cheese. (I'm vegan...)
I was in and out of the Louvre in under two hours. Because even though I felt
like I should wander amidst famous art for days, I didn't.
 I dislike hot beverages of any kind.
If I'm not somewhere at least five minutes early, I feel like I'm late.
Sometimes I make Timmy pretend to be a horse and give me rides up and down the stairs.
Busy social settings make me nervous.
I am a horrible driver.
I was homeschooled.
I'm scared of doctors. (Especially the dentist...)
I'm scared to go in our basement alone.
I can type 90 words per minute.
I visited the Blarney Stone but did not kiss it.
I like to vacuum. 
I don't use microwaves.

I am going on a magical vacation in 22 days. 
(But I can't tell you where – it's a secret...)


  1. Wow....some of that stuff even I didn't know!

  2. I think this may be my favorite post of yours!!! Its so adorable because it opens up the most beautiful heart...yours!! I adore realness. I am beyond excited about our mystery trip!!!!

  3. becki, i'm so glad you shared some secrets too! i loved reading more about who you are!

    i am w/ you on the 'missing out on life b/c i'm busy documenting it' thing - chris gets on to me about it. and it's good. balance is my goal!

    i have my alarm clock on the other side of the room in effort to get myself out of bed. i just get back in it and ignore the alarm too! except mine is set to 7!

    the horse-riding thing - too funny!

    i can't wait to hear about where you go on your mystery trip!

  4. Missy O'BrienApril 7, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    I hope you know that I devoted quite a bit of time trying to decipher where you are going. This is a fun style of post cutest Becki! :)