My parents have given me the eager optimism that I am capable of making anything. Everything is made by someone - why not me?
Seriously. I have come to conclude that there is nothing my parents can't make.
There may have been times I did not appreciate this. Probably somewhere between the 2000th batch of homemade jam, the never ending "you could make that!" when I saw something cute at the store, the impossibility of sewing a "hidden zipper", and the sneezing that accompanies holding up long panels of drywall.
But, although sometimes grudgingly, I've learned how. And sometimes I can't quite silence the niggling guilt I feel when I purchase something I could make myself. I tend to long for the uniqueness of my own creations. I love the feeling of a finished project.
And so, when my ipod needed a home, I made it.
All it took was some vintage fabric scraps, an old metal tape measure, and some bits of lace. Oh, and a sweet mom who is still teaching me. Teaching me how.
(This ipod pocket has a magic ingredient that makes it extra special. You cut a measuring tape and insert it into the casing at the top of the pocket. Not only does it stay closed like a magnetic clasp, but it makes the most exhilarating "snap!" sound when you open and close it!)


  1. You and your mother are both amazing!

  2. This is so CUTE babe!! When I found out that it actually snaps open and closed I was thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed playing with it! Dad and Mom Davison are so incredible with there tenacity to fix or build anything and everything!
    I am forever amazed by you sweety!!!

  3. very cool! i like that floral pattern. and i envy your ability to sew!

  4. Honey I just had to say...I LOVE your blog so much! I am continually in awe of your brilliance. I LOVE your etsy site and successful business! I am moved by how you pursue Gods plans for your life. Not afraid of ALL the opposition! I LOVE how you LOVE me most of all! You are the dream I didnt even know I could dream for, but now have!! Thus I am forever called to stay in this place of beauty...you and me!!!!