and so it goes…

So it seems that we have a very hard time keeping secrets. When Timmy and I promised not to tell anyone of our secret vacation destination, I didn't really suppose that telling my Mom counted...

And of course we had to tell Rynn, because she lives with us. And Rynn had to tell Caleb.

And since Mom knew, we had to tell Daddy. And Dad didn't realize it was a secret and he told Grandpa...

And Timmy by accident told his employees at Apple Cafe. And the passport photo developer at Walgreens. And the customers standing in line behind us…

And little sister Missy was quite smart and sneaky and somehow managed to figure out our secret destination just by looking at the teensy bit of a picture I put up on my blog. And she had to tell Mom #2...

And so it goes. Our secret destination is not much of a secret anymore…
I love secrets. But I think I love exciting news even more.
We're going to England and Wales in 14 days!


  1. exciting! can't wait to see pictures. :) did you say you'll be gone for a week - or am i imagining that?

  2. Missy O'BrienApril 7, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    I believe this is the link to that book you two hold: http://www.frommers.com/store/9780470470701.html

    I am so happy the time (over 30 minutes) I spent looking at every frommer's complete guide 2010 "with foldout map" was not wasted :) I am a very determined "Secret finder-outer" heeheehee
    How exciting for you two!!! That is oh so fun! YAY! xoxo I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH! Even more than I love to play detective with secrets.

  3. I Cannot believe that the Lord is giving us a trip England and Wales!!! It is amazing to see all of His gifts to us. I prayed so hard that this first year of being married would be filled with exciting adventures with you babe...and it has!!! Praise the Lord. I love that YOU ARE MY TRIP OF A LIFE TIME FOREVER AND ALWAYS.