Something new.

Last Thursday morning, we got the keys to our retail space.

That morning, he woke up very happy. He slid right out of bed and danced around me in delighted circles as I got ready for work. He flitted between the bathroom and the bedroom. Ran around the bedroom serenading me with lovey songs.

Which isn't unusual, the singing lovey songs part.

He kissed me in the bedroom and kissed me at the door. Kissed me at the car and ran down the driveway for one last window kiss. Thought the window was down - it wasn't - and smacked his face right into the glass. We both laughed and couldn't remember anything funnier than that moment.

Which isn't unusual, the kissing and laughing part.

He texted me updates throughout the morning. Made no effort to hide his excitement. And then he called me at work. Check your email, he said, I sent you something exciting. And so I opened my email to see him. My darling husband hanging from the ceiling of our retail space.

Which isn't unusual, the hanging from the ceiling part.

But having a retail space to call our own?
Now that's something new.


  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!
    What a great post Becki!!! I love the style, and the picture is priceless!!!!!!! You two are so wonderful and I miss and love you both sooooo much!!! :) I am so proud of my big brother and big sister! I talked about you two in French class today too!!! God bless you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. congrats Becki!


  3. There is something conquering about climbing an area! Its as if I have made the space come under submission to me!! Its as if I was saying to the space "SPACE YOU ARE MINE"!!!
    However if you were not walking along side me with this, it would mean nothing. I could gain all the business's in the world but with out love it would be utterly scorned. And you are my love!!!!

  4. Missy O'BrienApril 20, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    AWWWWWWWW X 10,987,135,798,362,784,305,000,777 to Timmy's comment. So true!!! :)

  5. very cool! i too enjoyed the writing in this post and the funny picture of tim. when are you opening?