Today I am loving:
My pretty homemade headbands. (So easy to make!)
This adorable idea from Ruche. (And loving all of their yummy clothes.)
Making lunch in my orange pot.
Laura Zastrow's new pictures.
Getting ideas from this re-fashion tutorial.
Borrowing cute sandals from the sweet sister I live with.
(Living with Rynn pretty much doubles my wardrobe...)
Reading this book on organic housekeeping.
(I may never use a plastic cutting board ever again.)
 My friend, Elizabeth's, recently launched Etsy shop.
(She makes cute and cozy purses from recycled pants.)
 The new version of Blogger Draft. (Like the new layout?)
Spending an afternoon with open windows and sunshine.
Watching my ambitious neighbors jog past my house...
Coming across this video from our wedding as I was cleaning out my computer.
(my uncle made it, and it always, always makes me cry – in the happiest way)
And finding this while I was picking up the house. 
It's nice to be so loved.


  1. Would you consider selling your headbands on etsy? I love pretty, unique headbands. :)

  2. Sweetest girl. I thrive on the excitement of your creativity. I am empowered by your love for life and for people!! I am eternally blessed with the gift you gave me of yourself. I love that in return I have given you myself!!! Together forever...its how I like it.

  3. this post is so packed full of good things! i reaaaally like your headband. and i want to go cut up my clothes now. if only i could sew...

  4. Missy O'BrienApril 7, 2010 at 4:52 PM

    Becki this was great!!!! Today I am loving Y-O-U!!! I desperately want another one of your homemade headbands since I'm the headband lover lol...my a cappella group is convinced I always am wearing one. :) And I had never seen any videos from the wedding and of course I loved that one!!! It was beautiful with the imagery and music. So wonderful to revisit that glorious day! xoxo Much love to my Becki and Timmy!