Lessons Learned:
#1 - It is always good to read the boring chapters at the beginning of travel books. It may be tempting to skip the litany of seemingly useless information and get to the fun parts. BUT. You will learn something useful.
Which brings me to...

#2 - You need a Passport AND a Visa to get into Australia. I will admit I stopped breathing when I read that one. A Visa?!
How long does it take to get a Visa?!!?

#3 - It takes no more than 24 hours to be issued an Australian Visa online. Whew.

#4 - It is hard to prepare a last minute vacation to another country
when you had been planning for weeks to go to a totally different country.
This new country has 25 foot long crocodiles.

#5 - It is not a good idea to watch Poseidon before plane travel.
Yes, this movie was about a ship. But almost everyone on the ship DIES.
And it doesn't take too much imagination to transfer the
dying and screaming from a ship wreck to a plane crash...

#6 - Qantas planes have never crashed. Ever.
We're flying to Australia in a Qantas. Reassured? A little.

#7 - Do not touch the metal prongs on your computer cord
as you unplug it from a wall outlet. This will result in electric shock.Tingling, numbness, and a headache will follow. (Timmy learned this one.)

#9 - It is impossible to go shopping for your house, your trip, and your business, design 24 product labels, pack for a 10 day vacation, eat dinner, pick out tile for your store's bathroom, and do laundry all in one night.
But I tried.

#10 - If you have a dairy allergy, and someone says to you,
"Oh, this soup is dairy free, it just has cheese...", don't trust them.


    New favorite post!!!! I know I've said that in the past but this one is absolutely darling and hilarious simultaneously!!!!! I love it! So much that after this comment I'm going to read it again! You are wonder woman Becki :) I love you and your wonderful blog. I cannot wait to hear how magical Australia is!!! You're so CUTE! <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE xoxoxo

  2. HIL.arious. you write so well.

    #7 didn't quite sound like you.

    #9 everyday feels like this for me - i seem to never accept i simply can't do all that i want to do. but i keep trying!

    what day do you leave? or is it today you leave?

  3. hahahah!!! Cutest! I love your writing style. You capture feelings, thoughts, and actions so well! You are the most adorable girl on the earth.
    This trip is going to be a dream babe. You and me together for 216 hours is the most delightful idea I can think of! No work, no interruptions, no worries mate!!! Just you and me and a continent to explore with your hand in mine!!!!