Oh, melancholy day, there is a restless flurry in my mind. Thoughts cave inward and ideas rustle like old leaves. Words come out sticky and uneven, and paragraphs form with cracks between the sentences. Words are broken and thoughts dangle in endless fragments.

Nothing comes out right on melancholy days. Coversations are impossible and there is nothing left to do but

sit in the stillness



of Sundays spent draped in each other's arms,

sweet naps

and sunny skies.


  1. Missy O'BrienApril 13, 2010 at 1:04 AM

    Dearest darlingest Becki,
    I hope you know that your blog can brighten even the most melancholy of days :) You are such a magnificent photographer!!! You could capture even the smallest thing and make it appear fascinating in a picture. I love you and I love what your melancholy days result in...amazing posts! xoxo

    Also, the picnic pictures are simply adorable.

  2. This is a really sweet tender post babe. I felt so relaxed after reading it!
    If I am draped in your arms I will be delighted all of my days. To me your what a blanket is to a picnic. Your my sweetest most snuggly girl! I am always longing for you!!!!