A Safari

It all started with me showing Mom an Etsy site full of wooden toys for babies. She immediately concluded that, rather than buying some, we could make them ourselves. Dad was consulted (the woodworking expert), and he readily agreed. Tim exclaimed with enthusiasm that yes, he too would love to make our baby a toy!

So we did. 
The four of us congregated in Dad’s workshop. We sanded and sawed and sneezed (from the dust). I had originally sketched only a giraffe and a hippo, but soon it was decided that more animals were in order, and an elephant, a lion, and a zebra joined our little wooden safari. 

At one point I took a short break and simply watched the activity buzzing around me. Timmy was glowing, because Dad had taught him how to use the router, and he had proved to be a natural. Mom was sawing and sanding, and at one point she grinned and exclaimed loudly over the din, “Our baby is so lucky!” Daddy bustled from person to person, giving little tidbits of advice and meticulously making sure that the smallest details were perfected. It was a cozy, familiar scene. 

And just two days after showing Mom that site, a safari of wooden toys were beautifully completed and sitting on my kitchen table. Can you understand a little bit why I have never fully outgrown the idea that my parents can do ANYTHING? 
With grandparents like that, “our” baby is very lucky indeed. 


  1. this is amazing. and penelope is jealous.

  2. agreed...but maybe it's me who's jealous!

  3. These things dropped my jaw!! When you told me you were gonna make wooden toys I had no idea they would turn out looking this perfect!! You are the most talented individual to ever make anything!!!!

    I like the picture of Dad and I!

  4. the grain on the zebra turned out nice!!

  5. These are too very cool!! Love that you came together as a family to create them. :)