Let’s always remember the Sunday morning we woke up and decided to drive to go on an adventure to Chicago. I’ll remember how we barely managed to leave the house on time but somehow arrived early to church. You can remember how you saw me getting ready and suddenly exclaimed, “Babe! Your hair is getting long again! I love you with long hair!” We can both remember the sweet kiss I gave you after you said that.

Let’s always remember driving briskly toward IKEA, flying through misty Spring showers. I’ll remember how halfway there I suddenly was ravenously hungry and needed food as soon as possible. You can remember how we accidently drove half an hour out of our way to find a Chipotle* for lunch. We can both remember how we stuffed ourselves so full of delicious food that we immediately took a long nap in the front seats of our car. 

Let’s always remember the afternoon we spent wandering around IKEA, picking out a crib for our little baby. I’ll remember the way you held my hand and humored my indecision between two cribs that were nearly identical. You can remember how we hid in a corner on a big comfy couch, took a long snuggle break and talked and dreamed about our future. We can both remember how happy we were that both the crib and the shelf we ended up choosing fit perfectly in our trunk. 

Let’s always remember that adventures are what we make them to be, and happiness is with us when the two of us are together. I can remember how you wore your grey sweater, just because you know how hot I think you are in it. You can remember how I was especially sweet (wasn’t I?) and we didn’t fight a single time the entire day. And we both can remember the rainy day we bought our baby's crib and made a new IKEA adventure memory.


  1. you obviously don't get car sick when you're pregnant. that's lovely. (:

    did you know there's a website where you can order coffee table books of blog posts? you should google it and make one for your baby.

  2. That was such a wonderful day my sweetness! It was just so precious loving and dreaming with you. I love that the world does not have the power to kill our love. Nor can the Lord make us be filled with love for Him or each other. How fulfilling is it for us to choose those things??? Thus be bursting for joy!!!

    Your a gorgeous miracle!