Celebrating 22 months with my sweetie.
The fact that, a month from now, we’ll be in Europe.
Our Easter plans to go home to my parents for the weekend.
Our babe’s crib assembled in the nursery.
Pumpkin scones for lunch, thanks to a sweet mom who makes me baked treats.
Precipitation. (Spikey green grass poking through snow IN APRIL makes me laugh!)
Coloring Easter eggs.
Having dinner with Rynn and Caleb, and the fact that this happens weekly.
Small flutters in my belly.
Our newest habit of hitting “snooze” five times before getting up.
Having the opportunity to wear my winter boots and mittens one last time this season.
Pretty new earrings.

Mornings without grapefruit juice. (We need to go shopping.)


  1. Yay for all our blessings! I am so thankful for the infinite riches we have in one another! I love life and I love you!!

  2. Cuuuute earrings and I love hearing what you're liking right now. :)