(Timmy in Europe, pre-Becki, summer 2006)

Now that I am feeling better,
I really want to start incorporating some exercise
into my daily routine.
The reason for this is twofold. 

One, just because I really need more exercise. Most of my movement these past months solely involved walking from my car to my desk to my car to the couch. Thaaaat’s about it. I won’t claim to have ever been much of an exerciser, but things are getting pretty bleak, even for a sedentary girl like me. 
Two, because Tim and I are planning a Babymoon in May, and I don’t want my poor body to go into shock when I suddenly find myself walking all over Europe. (Walking is the thing to do in Europe, you know.) We’re going to Europe, and it’s kind of a funny story. We bought tickets to Sweden to attend a wedding, but now the wedding has been cancelled/postponed. So we’re going to fly to Sweden, spend a day there, and then fly somewhere else. Like... Greece!! Our flight also includes an 10 hour layover in Switzerland, so we'll be crossing three more countries off our list of places to see in the world. 

Excited? YES! 

(When we first started discussing the idea of a Babymoon, we thought we could maybe fly to Niagara Falls for a long weekend. I'm not sure how that turned into a ten day vacation to Europe, but I really love the progression!) 

But anyway, this post was supposed to be
about exercising. 
So, I’ve been thinking about wanting to start exercising 
for the past week, 
but have yet to make a move…


  1. I view this trip as a total miracle from the Lord. My favorite times with you are on vacations because its uninterrupted time with my sweetheart!! Praise God for Greece!!!

    I am praying that it will be our best trip yet!