a brief history of me.

For the first 10 years of my life, I was known as Rebecca. And then I somehow turned into Becky, with a "y". I was Becky for about a year. But there weren't many creative possibilities for a name ending in "y", and so I decided to become Beckie with an "ie". This seemed rather glamorous to me at the time, and I was Beckie for a good two years.

Then, in a very dramatic 13 year old moment, I suddenly realized that Beckie with an "ie" looked very awkward. And so I quickly dropped the "e" and became Becki with an "i" - dotted with a heart. It was totally me.

And at that point, nobody had any idea how to spell my name.

But, while the spelling of my name changed, my favorite color remained the same. Pink. (I had a brief period in middle school where I only pretended to prefer lavender - because the boys had, due to my pink infatuation, started calling me Pepto Bismal.)

It's never really been much of a question to anyone. Would Becky/ie/i prefer purple or pink? Pink. What color did Becky/ie/i paint her room? Pink. Pink purses, pink shoes, pink coats. Pink pens and pink sunglasses. Pink birthday cakes, pink toothbrushes. Pink sapphire engagement ring. For as far back as I can remember, everyone has always known that my favorite color is pink. It's kind of an immediate knowledge.

And with pink comes happy. (Sorry all you pink-haters, but the studies have proven it to be true.) I have always loved being happy and making other people happy. (Timmy makes me happy.)

So I have become known for Becki with an "i" dotted with a heart, pink, and happy thoughts. Which is where the name happilyBecki came from.

Where is all of this going?

I'm changing the official color of happilyBecki. To a delightful teal blue. I'm actually really excited about teal blue.

My favorite color is still pink. I just don't want my logo to look like Valentine's day.

Any thoughts on teal blue?


  1. Wow this is all actually very dramatic to me. I mean the implications are huge. This reality will change everything...think about it, if I had to become a color it would have to be pink!!!!! because its making you happy that I am after!!!

    Will have to change my corner of our picnic table to teal blue, because I love it!!

  2. I really love the teal blue Becki! It's fresh and inviting. It is pleasant to my eyes, even though you know I too am a sucker for pinks and purples! Teal happens to be one of my favorite colors though, it goes great with...you guessed it...PURPLE!

    Also, I never knew you had changed the spelling of your name so many times cutie! I went from Melissa (which for a little while when I was little I was convinced was spelled Malissa) to Missy with family but Melissa to others, to Melissa at all ballet lessons and voice, to Missy for 8th -12th grade to Melissa for the first semester of college, and now back to Missy! I love how much we are alike! :)

  3. gonna be hard to imagine a Becki world in teal blue...don't you feel like you are cheating on an old friend that has stayed true to you all through your childhood? i mean teal blue is ok...but it takes too long to say. And what about your cat??? will she become tealblueklepurr????I'm not breakin' THAT bit of news to her! But not wanting the year round valentine look makes sense to me. So I guess I approve as long as we have some kind of farewell party for your old friend PINK

  4. Missy you are too cute! and I love how alike you and Becki are!!

    hahaha and dad(Davison) you are absolutely hilarious!! I could not stop laughing!! hahaha

  5. love it. i think teal has been voted as a very "in" color, and i will be painting my bathroom teal (not due to the prementioned vote, just cuz i liked the look of the bathroom in the beginning of "p.s. i love you [which i did not finish since i bawled uncontrollably for the first twenty minutes and wasn't enjoying it one bit so i made ben turn it off and hold me]). so yes, thumbs up for teal.

  6. i think teal blue is sweet and sophisticated. :) thumbs up from me!

    and this history of your name-changing was so fun to read...i think we would have gotten along as identity-searching-thirteen-year-olds. how cute!

  7. Oh Becki, I remember when we were 12 and 13 and you started saying it's Becki with an "i" now. Reading this brought back fond memories. :)

  8. Do we get to paint my guest bedroom teal blue now?

  9. I may remember how rebecca was shortened to becky :)