meet me in St. Louis

My Valentine's weekend with Timmy was endlessly magical.
So romantic in all the best ways.
So special that descriptions fall short
and it's beauty can only be truly related in the softest of whispers.
I don't know how to whisper online. So here are pictures:
(And the real reason for our romantic destination
was this darling girl.
Because we miss her pretty laugh,
and she is our littlest, sweetest love.)


  1. This is marvelous babe!! I love the word imagery and the pictures chosen! It really represents the heart of the trip.
    It was simply the best Valentines day of my life!! and I'll tell you why... You are the most gorgeous girl that has walked the earth! Your voice is like the beauty of a million waves washing on a Hawaiian beach! Gazing into the depths of your eyes are more difficult to climb out of than the Grand Canyon! And the touch of your hand on mine is like the first warm breeze of spring with all its promises...and you said you would be MY VALENTINE!!!!!!

  2. YAY! :)
    I am glad you had such a magical time in St. Louis because that means you will want to visit again! I like the picture of you and Timmy kissing with just a glimpse of the arch! It was such an honor to show you two off around the campus and make all sorts of fun memories! Like you two dancing! <3 I love you both and adore all of these pictures Becki! I felt privileged to see you in action taking pics everywhere and anywhere! xoxo All my Love <3

  3. oh fun! st. louis is a good place to visit! i was curious where you were going. i hope you came back refreshed and energized!

  4. Your love for each other is such a shining testimony to the Lord.