my little photography studio

Today was my marathon product photography shoot.
So I decided to turn this closet into a little photography studio. 
It turned out pretty fabulous.
And now I have 400+ beautiful product photos to edit.


  1. wow. way better than mine. glad you figured something out. this is great!

    btw, got my letterpress proofs today. (:

  2. I love you set-up! What a great feeling to have one thing crossed off your list!

  3. I have to say when you first said, "Tim I think we need to remove this closet door", I was fairly concerned about our home staying intact! However after watching you in action today taking hundreds of incredible photos...I digress.
    Your design business is already a success, and I just love that no matter what it is a success because the Lord is behind it!!! I am so proud of you babe. Your a whispering breeze of delight to my heart!

  4. i love seeing your process! way to be resourceful. and 400+ photos to edit? you must be one busy bee. can't wait to see all your designs in your etsy shop!

  5. Wowzers! This is amazing! And to think a few months ago that closet was filled with Missy clothes! :D It amazes me how your mind can give something as ordinary as a closet such a meaningful purpose! The closet must be thrilled to be involved in your creative process heeheehee. I like the "step-by-step" lay out of the photos. This is great and that card is one of my favorites :) I love you! Keep up the AMAZING work Becki Bea! xoxoxo