little snowflake

On days it snows, Timmy drives me to work.
And if the sidewalks up to my building aren't shoveled yet,
he gives me a piggy back ride to the door.

When I tell him this makes me feel like a princess he only says,
"You are one." 

Despite my charming prince chauffeur,
I am looking forward to spring. 

(I hung this in our window.
Do you suppose the snowflakes will get the hint?)


    Becki not only is this creative but it is down right ADORABLE!
    I love it and I love you! I want one for my window here! I hope the snowflakes get the hint Darling Becki! I love Timmy, You, and your little snowflake too!

  2. another etsy item? they would totally sell. i was thinking how i needed one today, in fact.

  3. Cutest lovie!! I loved carrying you through the snow!! I kinda like watching you in winter, because you scurry through the cold air as fast as you can!! Its so stinking cute to watch! Saying words like "im never going to be warm again". Your the cutest most darling girl! You were made to stay warm...move to Hawaii??!!

  4. i like reading your little bits of exchanges. :)

    i think the snowflakes have worn out their welcome. i'm ready for spring too!