in this pink studio…

In this pink studio, there is a desk. 
And on that desk, there are many projects.
 And among those projects, there are little circle tins whose lids are windows.
And in those circle tins, there are little magnets.
And on those magnets, there are designs to match all the different cards and calendars that are stacked in the corner of that desk.

  And in that studio, sitting at that desk, 
surrounded by many projects, making those magnets,  
there is a girl. And she is smiling. 

(Mainly because of the cute boy 
who sits in the blue chair next to the pink desk.)


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
    How adorable! This post is very fun Becki! I love it and how each detail builds up to the most important of all: the boy and girl who love each other! Yay for you two and all of your cuteness and providing support for one another's dreams! Praise God for His goodness! :) xoxo I love you!

  2. nice desk!.....Vinnie

  3. open your shop soon so i can buy things!!!! these are adorable. and i love the way you wrote your post!

  4. I do appreciate all the pink. :)

  5. Happily,Becki is such a success! I love that its already a success before any real sales even come in. Heres why... you are incredibly faithful to our Lord. You submit all your plans, thoughts, and actions constantly before Him. Thus God will bless the works of your hands!! All of it in His way, His power, and His authority!! Praise the name of the LORD!!!