packed suitcases

My tummy hurts when I'm tired. My eyes feel droopy, and I get a little cranky.

Today I am tired.

This week has been a long, busy one. So busy that I couldn't really justify my usual 9:30 bedtime. I don't like being tired. 

Timmy and I have a sunrise alarm clock. Every morning the "sun" starts rising in our room at 5:30, and we are gently awakened to the gradual light. I usually wake up happy - but this week I have woken up completely out of sorts.

And my first immediate thoughts are centered around what I need to get done. Normally I wake up thinking about breakfast (which is partly why I always wake up happy - I love breakfast). But waking up to a "list of things to do" the size of forever is not a happy wake up.

I feel like I really do have a list the size of forever. If I try rewriting it, in hopes it will end up shorter, it is inevitable that I will find another thing to add to it. I need to stop rewriting my lists.

But I love lists. I'll share with you my favorite list:

Great Things I have Accomplished this Week:
**Successfully created a similar home made version of the Chipotle burrito.
**Convinced Timmy that we need to have a weekly "business dinner" at Chipotle. (We love Chipotle.)
**Found time to work out three times on my new exercise equipment.
**Did the laundry. (Rather, directed Timmy to do the laundry...)
**Celebrated 2 years at my job.
**Finished and mailed Valentines to all my favorite girls. (pictured above)
**Visited our potential retail space and began mapping out our store layout.
**Created notecards, promotional folders, and a bus advertisment for my freelance job with Care Net. (And I am admittedly excited to see my design cruising around on Madison's buses!!)
**Worked endlessly on my Etsy shop designs, packaging, branding, etc. (This is the real culprit of my busy-ness!) Launch date is March 1!!
**Packed a suitcase.

And now Timmy and I are leaving on a romantic weekend adventure. (That's what the packed suitcase is for.) It will involve a lot of driving, relaxing, snuggling, and smooching.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Cutey!!! I LOVE you. You are the most responsable girl I know. You just continually excell in all things! I am so glad that in the midst of being tired and weary we can direct our eyes on the Lord and be renewed with strength! I also praise Him that He would give us a romantic weekend in St. Louis!!! REST

    Your an incredible writer!!!

  2. Yay for lists (even though they can be stressful), Valentines, Becki Designs, new businesses, launching dreams, and most importantly romantics weekends that involve visiting ME! :) I am so excited to see you my sweet darlings! xoxo! God bless your travels this weekend!

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  4. Gaah!! Love the new blog design, every amazing thing that you've accomplished this week, and the link to my blog. I can't wait to reply to your e-mail.

    Happy VDay weekend!! I remember the days when we used to throw caution to the wind and often take romantic weekend getaways. (:

    (Had to delete my last post as my mind blanked and made quite a typo. Similar to the "Christ" Robbins typo I made in an e-mail to you awhile ago about painting my living room. It's very interesting what my fingers type when my mind isn't paying attention.)

  5. i totally know how you feel about getting burnt out and the love/hate relationship w/ lists!

    i am so excited for you in getting closer to seeing dreams realized...your etsy shop, the store, your freelance work - eeeek!

    and if i see your bus advertisement i will, guaranteed, let out some sort of squeal, hollar, scream...something of a (loud) and excited nature! :D

  6. oh! and i got your valentine and it made me smile way big. i love it. and i don't know if i can write in it just yet.