I've always, always wanted a treadmill. And Timmy was actually listening to me the 101 zillion times I said in a wishing sort of voice, "Oh, wouldn't it be sooo nice to have a treadmill in our basement...?" 

I really love that Timmy listens to my wishings.  
*big, happy, i'm-in-love-with-timmy smile*

P.S. See Laura? We have a messy, messy basement too. :)


  1. I love having a treadmill in winter.

    I also love having clear sidewalks in winter so I can run outside.

    Do you run often>?

  2. HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awwww this is absolutely darling :) And yay for all the endorphins exercising will give you, not that you need much more giddiness Becki Bea! xoxo I love you and Timmy so much! <3

    If I were still living with you I would sign up for a gym membership hee hee hee get it?! ;) And I loved Timmy's hint, and also that it came from Timothy!

  3. you two are already pretty skinny, what do you want to exercise for?

  4. Nicole, now that I have a treadmill in my basement, I'm excited to run daily! But I've never been motivated enough to brave freezing weather to go running in winter. :)

    Missy, I love you.

    Daddy, it's all about PREVENTION. :) xxoo

  5. what a fun surprise! and i love the hint. :)

  6. My dearest most dearly beloved Becki!!!! I adore you more than 10,000! All the worlds beauty and wonder is caught in a blimps of your eyes!! I am yours and you are mine, and Jesus Christ is our LORD!!! What could be more wonderful, more beautiful, more enjoyable, more marvelous than this gorgeous life we share together??!! I am glad you like your presents!