chasing buses.

It was a plan. Timmy and I were going to stalk every bus in Madison until we found the one or two buses featuring my Care Net advertisment. We were going to make a date night out of it. Chasing buses, camera in hand.

And then. Then we found out that my bus advertisement is going to be on one hundred buses.

I didn't even know there were one hundred buses in Madison.

Is it completely unprofessional to admit that I am giddy with delight?


  1. Becki!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!!!
    I am giddy too! Congrats Becki Bea! :) Not only is your ad amazing but it also will raise awareness on an important matter! I'm proud of you my sweetie sister! xoxo

    And I'm loving the teal!

  2. Babe I can not even tell you how amazingly proud I am to call myself your husband!! You walk through life with the absolute favor of God following you everywhere. I know that fact because of your willingness to obey Him in all areas of life!! And here is yet another gift God has given you.
    With in you is a galaxy of beauty and wonder! Your the most wonderful designer and my deepest design!

  3. SOOOO EXCITING!!! one hundred buses. wow. and how wonderful to have it be an ad that promotes such an amazing cause!

  4. That's a really cool ad. And nicely designed too, of course. :) Glad you're feeling better.