(about a month into marriage)
Timmy: I really just want to make out with you right now.
Me: I don't think I know how to make out...
Timmy: Yes you do. It's just like when we kiss three times. With our tongues touching.

And so our version of "making out" was defined.
Every morning before we leave for work, Timmy pulls me close, nuzzles my ear, and asks me for a "triple".

(We're married, you know. So it's ok for us to make out.)
Happy Love Month!


  1. hahahhahahaha!!!! I am laughing so hard right now! I love you so stinking much! I love all of our cute little things that we do! You are the most desirable girl on the earth today! and I love teaching you to make out!!!!!!(sorry Mr. Davison!)

  2. Oh and this is one of my favorite pictures of you! Your skin is majesty, and your hair flows
    like an angel!!!

  3. not the kind of stuff a dad wants to read about his little girl....:(

  4. makes me want to do a blog post on when we were shooting at the skate park. i'll post it to your blog comments for all to read here instead.

    tim and becki are nuzzling in front of a graffiti wall while i photograph them. a 10-year-old kid yells, "are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?" tim yells, "we're married! kids, don't kiss until you're married!"

  5. hahaha! Thanks for the plug Laura!

  6. Haha. Timmy does love to let people know that we're married. :)