Baby Love is the size of a bell pepper this week,
and has grown to 5.5 inches long.

Last night Timmy and I opened our bedroom window wide and welcomed the first real thunderstorm of the year. We watched the lightning and fell asleep listening to the rumbling of thunder. It was sweet to know that our baby was there with us and hearing it too. Hopefully she will someday share our love of gentle Spring rain.

Every now and then I feel a faint flutter and wonder if that is our little baby moving, or just my hungry stomach. I feel more pregnant now, even though I don’t really look it. It’s just a feeling of knowing and growing. I notice so many small things, and every day I feel a new change.

This weekend the nursery is being painted, and we’ll finally be able to start preparing our baby’s little nest. It’s a small room at the top corner of our house, with two huge windows facing the sunrise. It’s going to be beautiful. 

We three are happy as can be. You would have to say happy a hundred times before you could express how truly happy we are right now, at eighteen weeks.


  1. Yay for babies!! Specifically our baby!! I love you so much and I love having a baby with you so much!!!
    These years with you have been the best years of my life! Life seems to continuously get better and better with you cutest!!!!

  2. I love your maternity photos Becki!! You two are so sweet together :)