Twenty One.

Our baby is the size of a carrot, 
ten and a half inches long and 21 weeks old. 

The flutters I feel are still very slight and rather infrequent. I was told that I have an “anterior placed placenta” which supposedly means I will feel movement later than women with a “posterior placed placenta”. I have also been told not to sleep on my back anymore, but I’m kind of refusing to commit to 19 more weeks of side sleeping. (I hate sleeping on my side!)

Tim had been calling me his “pop-belly wife” and I had been thinking he was saying “pot-belly wife” which is not very flattering. Pop and pot sound very similar. But once the “POP” was clarified, I stopped feeling like he was calling me a pot belly pig and happily accepted his new nickname for me. Because, truly, my belly has (finally) begun to pop. Although I’m not sure you can really tell in these *pictures, I really do have a nice little “pop belly”. 

Speaking of popping, I’ve been craving popcorn. 

* This week’s photo shoot was a fiasco from start to finish, with poor lighting, a sickly looking carrot, and not enough time. This resulted in blurry photos. Black and white photo editing not only hid the blurriness (a little), but it also disguised the sad state of our carrot. 


  1. Wow honey you look gorgeous in these!!! I think your complextion and grace of your face has been growing in beauty!!

    Your my prize! Your my darling! Your my sweetheart!

  2. Yes! I see the belly! (: It does always look much more giant from mama's point of view than other's, too.

    At first when I logged on to your blog and saw the photos, I thought, "Oh no!!! Selective color!!!" but after hearing of your photo troubles and deciding it was done surprisingly well and cute, I must reluctantly say that I like these photos, selective color and all. (: True story.