Our small darling is four inches long this week, 
and her size can be compared to an apple. 
 This morning I woke up feeling fabulous, and my pre-pregnancy tendency to talk quickly in the mornings came back in full force. After speaking a sentence in hyper speed (unintentionally), I glanced over to see Timmy’s un-caffeinated eyes blink slowly and he stuttered, “Is that a riddle?”  
But really, I was just asking him if he dreams in black and white or color.
(In case you’re wondering, we dream in color.)
  We both laughed and laughed, and Tim commented happily that I must be feeling better. This sparked an entire morning of giggles. Sometimes morning is my favorite part of the day, and today was one of those sometimes. 
Speaking of mornings, my morning sickness has almost disappeared, and my appetite has returned with enthusiasm. My current cravings are pizza, apples, and grapefruit juice.  

Note: This apple was eaten shortly after the end of this photo shoot. 
  Note, note: I satisfied my pizza craving last night with a medium Veggie Lovers Pizza Hut pizza (without cheese, of course). I’m sorry to say that my craving ended with a stomach ache (that’s what I get for eating five pieces in one sitting!). But this morning I seriously contemplated eating the remaining three for breakfast.


  1. yay yay yay! i'm so excited you're feeling better! pizza hut always makes me feel not so well, too, though. :(

  2. Becki, I have been reading your blog for a while now and am finally chiming in. I can't help it- reading your pregnancy updates has been so fun. I am just one week farther along than you! I am glad you are feeling well. I hope the second trimester is bright and lively for you.

  3. Your my sweetest most valuable girl!! 15 weeks!! In less than six months we will have our baby in our arms! What a beautiful reality!!!

    What a beautiful wife!!!

  4. I love reading your updates, Becki! The series of these photos will be so cool to see together, as well as the comparisons of how you are feeling and what's happening week-to-week.

    And I only hope I can dress as cute like you when I'm pregnant someday!

  5. oh yay! i didn't know lindsey was due at the same time as you! just found out other friends are one week behind you, becki. you three girls should get together and chat. you're all such organic-y mamas.

    and can i "like" jamie's last sentence of her comment?

  6. :) Thanks girls!

    And Laura, you're an organic-y mama, too. Perhaps we should have an organic-y mama meetup sometime. :)