Baby Love is a pear this week, 
measuring around 4.5 inches long.


Everything is changing, and the truth of that fact is finally starting to soak in. Newness is on the horizon of our lives, and every day that passes brings us closer to the end of Now. Now is so beautiful. I can hardly convey the happiness of my life and the love I have for this husband of mine. 

As we enjoy Sunday afternoons spent sprawled on the couch, laughing and listening to the rain, we know. Everything will be different soon. New feelings, new thoughts, new responsibilities. My heart aches just a little at the unspoken words, because this change is coming quickly. It is with happiness that we see it coming... but part of me wants to live these last months in slow motion. 

To revel in this moment of dreaming and feeling. To exist in our unknown ideas and guesses of what the future will bring. To wonder together who this little one - a combination of us both - will prove to be. And to stretch out these last days of carefree living, these last nights of impromptu car rides to gaze at the stars in our pajamas.
Sixteen weeks – four months – 
feels much, much closer to the end of Now.

And I know, know with my whole heart, 
that the three of us will be even happier
than the two of us could have ever been.

We were made to be three.
Happy Four Months, baby Love!


  1. Honey this is so sweet!! I am so in love with you cutie! I am so taken by your love for me. I am compelled with all that is within me to love you endlessly!!!

    I adore every moment with you.

  2. I absolutely adore this series and your writing. And your dress, tights & boots are just too cute!