Photo Friday: Sunset

I will be playing along with Jamie in the weekly photo challenges at Two Peas.
This week's photo challenge theme was Sunsets.

Sunsets are a beautiful display of an ending day, streaking the sky with shadows as time slowly fades into darkness and tomorrow. With sunsets come thoughts of the day behind us, sleepy yawns, and softly lit lamps, illuminating what the sunlight left behind. Sunsets signify the end of something, and in a more artistic sense, they illustrate the aging beauty of a life that was lived and has passed on to a brighter tomorrow in heaven. They illustrate childhood moments, long ago, with thousands of sunsets and sunrises between then and now. Sunsets are beautiful and bittersweet, because they bring with them the reality of uncontrollable time. 

When I think of sunsets, I think of beauty, and my Grandpa.


  1. I am convinced that all photographers could learn a few good lessons from you sweetheart! You are so talented in all you set your hands too!!

    You have captured my heart!!!!

  2. This photo looks like it was taken at our house. You're standing in the garden and facing west.
    Am I right?